Pocket Rescue - Etheric #26 (out of stock)

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    Pocket Rescue - Etheric #26 (out of stock)
  • Pocket Rescue - Etheric #26 (out of stock)
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  • Brand: Aura-Soma
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Etheric Rescue / Humpty Dumpty (#26)

Orange / Orange.  Shakes-to:  Orange

  • Keynotes:  Rebalancing the timeline, pulling together discrepancies and restoring the synchronicity of life. Helps to restore the egg-shaped etheric energy body to wholeness and luminosity after experiencing sudden difficult and unexpected setbacks in life. It is during these times that the energy of the ‘true aura’ may begin to move from the center of our being toward an opening, or gap, on the left side of the etheric body. As the etheric level is restored there is a return to balance, which may result in a greater sense of purpose and the natural flow toward fulfillment of what we are here to be. In Aura-Soma wisdom, this indicates that the true aura is in its right place in the golden center of our being. Also helpful for animals.
  • Set:  Chakra Set/Rescue Set (2nd/Sacral Chakra)
  • Where to Apply:  Apply in a very specific way: Beginning at the left earlobe, apply in a wide band down the whole left side of the trunk of the body to the ankle. Also apply in a band around the entire abdomen. For animals, apply only around the abdomen.
  • The Rescue combinations were created to support and re-center our energies when facing difficult life circumstances. They may help to stabilize and re-balance the associated chakra(s) thereby influencing all levels of our being. As with all Equilibrium combinations, the Rescue Set contains pure-grade essential oils and water extracts from biodynamically-grown plants and herbs infused with the energies of crystals and gems, color and light. Available in 25ml plastic bottles for portability.

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