Beamer Light Pen MK2 Without Box and Vials!

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    Beamer Light Pen MK2   Without Box and Vials!
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  • Brand: Aura-Soma
  • Product Code: AURSSLPx
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Beamer Light Pen MK2

Next-Generation Color Light Therapy

  • Perfect for Colorpuncturists, Massage Therapists, and other Energy Workers wanting to add a powerful tool of color and light together for clearing, alignment, balancing, and energy work through "bathing in light."
  • What makes the Aura-Soma Beamer Light Pen different from other light pens? Aura-Soma's dual-colored liquids from the Equilibrium bottles (containing color, plant, and crystal energies) have been contained in slender glass vials which are then inserted into a specially design light pen.
  • All 115 Aura-Soma Equilibrium combinations are available as Aura-Soma Beamer Light Pen Vials.
  • With 115 unique vials to choose from, the Aura-Soma Beamer Light Pen provides you with unlimited possibilities of bringing physical light to assist you in discovery of your own potential.
  • This Aura-Soma Beamer Light Pen comes without wood box and vials.