Beamer Light Pen

The Aura-Soma Beamer Light Pen is a next generation of Color Light Therapy.

It is perfect for Colorpunturists, Massage Therapists and other Energy Workers wanting to add a powerful tool of color and light together for clearing, alignment, balancing and energy work trough "bathing in light".

What makes the Aura-Soma Beamer Pen different from other light pens?

Aura-Soma's dual-colored Liquids from the equilibrium bottles, containing color, plant and crystal energies, have been poured into slender glass vials which are then inserted into a flashlight pen.

All 115 Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles are available as an Aura-Soma Beamer Pen Vial.
With 115 unique vials to choose from, the Aura-Soma Beamer Pen provides you with unlimited possibilites of bringing physical light to assist you in discovery of your own potential.

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