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    B100 50ml (out of stock)
  • B100 50ml (out of stock)
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Archangel Metatron

Clear / Deep Magenta. Shakes-to:  Deep Magenta sprinkled with Light

  • Keynotes:  Shining the light from Above into our shadow, bringing a new dawn to the inner worlds.
  • Where to Apply:  Apply in a band around the body in any area that you choose.
  • Main Points:  Represents the vastness of the light (clear, which contains all the colors), held as a potential for wholeness within the vastness of our own depths (deep magenta). Metatron brings the bright light from Above into the shadow of our being where conditioning that has clouded our self-awareness can be illuminated; thus we might see our suffering in the context of love and the ongoingness of life, and release it for the greater truth of who we are. The nourishment of the light enables letting go of what we have said ‘no’ to, resisted or denied within ourselves.
  • Specialties:  To help with inner relationships, to help us to see what is most difficult to see. There are certain things that block our awareness within ourselves. Metatron is there to bring awareness to those obstacles. It represents somebody who has suffered, is aware of the type and reason for that suffering and how there is now an opportunity to release it, to let it go at the deepest level. For those who put on a brave face.
  • The Equilibrium/Balance bottles are the heart of the Aura-Soma system. The bottles contain the living energies of herbs, essential oils, gems, and crystals that are specially color-coded bring harmony and balance to our aura and energy centers.


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