Quintessence Incense Lao Tsu & Kwan Yin **only 1 left**

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    Quintessence Incense Lao Tsu & Kwan Yin **only 1 left**
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Lao Tsu & Kwan Yin

  • Keynote:  Release of the past through compassion and transformation.
  • Essential Oils:  Neroli, Sweet Orange, Mandarin, Bergamot, Orange.
  • Color:  Pale Orange.
  • Equilibrium Association:  B060 and the color Orange.
  • Crystal Energies:  Orange Calcite, Zincite, Fire Opal, Carnelian.
  • Qualities:  Kwan Yin is the Goddess of Compassion, Lao Tsu the Master Alchemist of the past. The use of this quintessence may help us to understand that what lies behind unease is often in the patterns of the past. The alchemical process of transformation may help us to change the circumstances of our life by illuminating information about past events and their potential opportunities and gifts, bringing the possibility for clarity and gratitude. As we draw on compassion and love we may be able to transmute the patterns of the past into something positive and life-enhancing.
  • The Quintessences enable us to bring forth the most positive attributes of the Master energies into our personal sphere. They work within the astral and etheric bodies of the subtle energy field.
  • Each can contains 30 incense sticks.


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