Quintessence Incense Sanat Kumara & Lady Venus **only 1 left**

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    Quintessence Incense Sanat Kumara & Lady Venus **only 1 left**
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Sanat Kumara & Lady Venus Kumara

  • Keynote:  Reconciliation of the Mother/Father Above, Below and Within.
  • Essential Oils:  Frankincense, Peppermint, Rose Geranium, Rose.
  • Color:  Pale Coral.
  • Equilibrium Association:  B061 and the color Coral.
  • Crystal Energies:  Orange Calcite, Zincite, Topaz, Fire Opal, Carnelian.
  • Qualities:  Sanat Kumara & Lady Venus Kumara represent the Mother/Father principles at the highest level. The use of this quintessence may bring the possibility for a deep level of nurturing and support to our earthly parenting and childhood experiences; may also help to build a bridge between the worlds of Spirit, Humans, and the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms, bringing an understanding of As Above, So Below, which describes the reflective relationship between Heaven and Earth—that whatsoever exists in the heavens is expressed and reflected upon Earth, which in turn reverberates back to the heavens. May also stimulate a positive dynamic between our internal (above) and external (below) natures and the Divine energies dwelling within us which are manifested through our human physicality, mind and emotions. May help to access and amplify the whole spectrum of Divine rays and incorporate the secrets of the Universe within us so that we might better collaborate in the Divine process on Earth.
  • The Quintessences enable us to bring forth the most positive attributes of the Master energies into our personal sphere. They work within the astral and etheric bodies of the subtle energy field.
  • Each can contains 30 incense sticks.


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