THE EQUILIBRIUM bottles are the heart of Aura-Soma System. Their vibrant colors support us in many ways. Our choice of 4 bottles is a mirror of self discovery who we are at a deep level.

WHAT IS AURA-SOMA COLOR-CARE-SYSTEM: Through this exiting color system, we can use the dynamic, living energies of nature to help us in so many ways...

Awaken the enthusiasm for life.
Find more ease in our relationships.
Appreciate ourselves and our talents.
Experience more love and caring in our lives.
Rebalance, revitalize and harmonize our energies.
Reconnect with our inner selves and intuition.

HOW TO USE: To release the energies of the Equilibrium, take the lead of the bottle and seal it with the middle finger off the left hand. Shake the bottle vigorously until the two liquid fractions mix together. Pour some into the right palm and rub it on the body where you wish, or place the Aura-Soma color oils in bands around the body. All Aura-Soma 50ml Equilibriums are made in beautiful clear glass. For external use only. No animal byproducts.

DISCLAIMER: Each bottle responds uniquely to the owner's energy and may change color or consistency upon use. Aura-Soma is known to allow for deep healing of all kinds however results do vary. Please do not depend on Aura-Soma instead of medical attention, but as a wonderful healing aid.