B001 50ml (out of stock)

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    B001 50ml (out of stock)
  • B001 50ml (out of stock)
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  • Brand: Aura-Soma
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Physical Rescue 

Blue / Purple Magenta. Shakes-to:  Deep Magenta

  • Keynotes:  An ease with our physicality and a peaceful communication with what lies within.
  • Where to Apply:  Apply in a band around the body in the area of the 5th/throat chakra and along the entire hairline.
  • Main Points:  May help to deepen the understanding of how Spirit operates in everyday life. As we rescue ‘the peace that passeth all understanding’ inherent within us (blue) from the tensions of everyday life, peace becomes more available to us. If we can relax into this peace, we may access the divine love within our depths to bring more caring and warmth to the little things in life (deep magenta).
  • Specialties:  A person with trust and peace in the conscious mind. Brings in a warmth and caring into all activities. This person can communicate with warmth and clarity, and radiates a nurturing energy to others.
  • The Equilibrium/Balance bottles are the heart of the Aura-Soma system. The bottles contain the living energies of herbs, essential oils, gems, and crystals that are specially color-coded bring harmony and balance to our aura and energy centers.


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