B077 50ml (out of stock)

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    B077 50ml (out of stock)
  • B077 50ml (out of stock)
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  • Brand: Aura-Soma
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The Cup

Clear / Magenta. Shakes-to:  Magenta

  • Keynotes:  Many things are brought together in the context of service to the light. The more we are open to receive the more can pour in from above.
  • Where to Apply:  Apply in a band around the body in any area that you choose.
  • Main Points:  Represents the willingness to be a receptive vehicle, allowing ourselves to be filled with light and love from above (magenta). As our cup overflows to everything and everyone we engage, B077 may help to keep some space within our fullness to enable us to continue to receive. Thus the light may be increasingly integrated within, becoming our continual life force and the refining of our discernment and clarity (clear).
  • Specialties:  Someone who has clarity of mind and knows the deep love they have to put in all the little things. A clear channel for the love from above to be enjoyed by the self and distributed through one to others.
  • The Equilibrium/Balance bottles are the heart of the Aura-Soma system. The bottles contain the living energies of herbs, essential oils, gems, and crystals that are specially color-coded bring harmony and balance to our aura and energy centers.


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