Equilibrium Pendant 096 (out of stock)

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    Equilibrium Pendant 096 (out of stock)
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  • Brand: Aura-Soma
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  • Archangel Raphael. Royal Blue / Royal Blue. Shakes together as: Royal Blue. Chakra: Path from 7th to 8th chakra self
  • Main Theme: Finding the potential for awakening within...
  • Dominant Characteristics: The higher functions of the mind are brought into being in this persons soul. Being fed from above into the depths of the self. A very deep peace lying within. Peace that is to be brought out in a communication to the world. Clarity of vision, clarity of hearing and clarity of thought are becoming the norm. This bottle indicates one that is aspiring to or already has endured the process of transformation. This person is aware of how the dream will manifest for the highest good of all.
  • The Equilibrium bottles are the heart of Aura-Soma System. The bottles contain the living energies of herbs, essential oils, gems and crystals that are especially color-coded to bring harmony and balance to our aura and energy centers.


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