Master Set, 50ml x 15 (out of stock)

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    Master Set, 50ml x 15 (out of stock)
  • Master Set, 50ml x 15 (out of stock)
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B50 thru B64

There is a Quintessence associated with each of the Master bottles, which expresses energies and qualities related to those of the Master bottle. The function of the Quintessences is to be invocative; to help us invite into our auric sphere the qualities, teachings, and vibrations of a particular Master. The bottles confirm the relationship within the subtle fields of that color ray and awaken a cellular memory of the Master vibration. Through the incarnational star, the point of communication with our inner teacher, we may be in touch with the master within our self, who in turn is in touch with that which goes beyond our self and is a culture of beings and and of wisdom.

Each of the Master bottles has the potential to help us get in touch with our inner master.


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