Pomander Presentation Replacement Vial Deep Red 2.5ml

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    Pomander Presentation Replacement Vial Deep Red  2.5ml
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  • Brand: Aura-Soma
  • Product Code: AURTRY3
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  • The Energiser and Protector. Grounding, protection, re-energizing. Color: Deep Red. Fragrance: Woody, earthy, spicy
  • The Deep Red Pomander is the most powerful protector and supporter of the Root, Sexual and Solar Plexus Chakras. The very nature of this Pomander is "intensive" grounding, so it is therefore extremely energizing. It is recommended after every meditation, and useful for any situation where our energy is depleted.
  • Protective, grounding, energising. Deep Red removes fears regarding survival issues or lack of consciousness (i.e. money, security, survival etc.). As it neutralizes all kinds of fears.Pomanders: the fragrance of color. The 49 herbs in the Pomanders provide a fragrant color support to help us remain vibrant in all situations, and may offer energetic protection.


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