Pomander Presentation Replacement Vial Magenta 2.5ml (out of stock)

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    Pomander Presentation Replacement Vial Magenta 2.5ml (out of stock)
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Color: Magenta
Fragrance: Flowery and refreshing 
Crystal Energies: Garnet, Sugilite 

On June 21, 2016 the new Magenta Pomander was born.

The emergence of a new Pomander in the Aura Soma system happens rarely and makes the day of the summer solstice in 2016 a very special. 

In the Aura-Soma system ‘love from above’ and ‘love in the little things’ are nearly synonymous as both are intimately related to the Magenta energy. 

I am also reminded that Vicky often expressed tales of how she had used magenta paint in her clinic, a topical treatment first recognized for its healing potential during the battle of Magenta in 1859. Perhaps at this time we have the opportunity to become ‘whole’ (the root of the word healing) with the potential healing of our karmic wounds. Love is not only the answer it's also the key to our healing.

If we don't love ourselves what chance do we have to care for each other? 

Let’s remember who is important to love first and foremost as we immerse ourselves in the Magenta ray. If it feels right I suggest that the first time you introduce it into your field you say from your star in your belly: ‘As I offer this sacred substance to myself, for myself, I love myself and feel the love from above’. 

Then as the wave of Magenta energy extends through each of us out into the world, when we view the rainbow we might look to see if the Magenta appears brighter.


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