Pomander Presentation Replacement Vial Sapphire Blue 2.5ml

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    Pomander Presentation Replacement Vial Sapphire Blue 2.5ml
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  • Brand: Aura-Soma
  • Product Code: AURTRY11
  • Availability: Special Order 3-4 Weeks
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  • The Communication Protector. Freeing up expression. Color: Sapphire Blue. Fragrance: Sweet, like the woods
  • Supports the highest communication of love, focusing on our inspirational aspects it can help to overcome feelings of extreme isolation. Deepens the peace within to help us become clearer and more relaxed. When we spend less energy in our own pre-occupations we have more energy available to do what we need to do.
  • The Sapphire Blue Essence embraces all the mysticism of the East. It is a wonderful companion for those working with the dying as well as in re-birthing and mid-wifery situations. Contained within this treasure is a message for those that suffer and want support in their hour of need. It strengthens our resilience, emotionally and aids with difficulties one might have with authority figures.Pomanders: the fragrance of color. The 49 herbs in the Pomanders provide a fragrant color support to help us remain vibrant in all situations, and may offer energetic protection.


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