Pomander Presentation Replacement Vial Yellow 2.5ml

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    Pomander Presentation Replacement Vial Yellow 2.5ml
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  • Brand: Aura-Soma
  • Product Code: AURTRY7
  • Availability: Special Order 3-4 Weeks
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  • Sunlight and Assimilation. Mental clarity and relaxation. Color: Yellow. Fragrance: Fruity, lemony, like the forest
  • Yellow brings the sunshine in – an antidote to feeling the blues. Useful in spaces where there is a lack of sunlight, brightens the atmosphere around us. It may help us to be more present and help to ease an over active mind.
  • It may be useful in overcoming irrational fears and nervousness, thereby being supportive in the process of breaking habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol or coffee.Pomanders: the fragrance of color. The 49 herbs in the Pomanders provide a fragrant color support to help us remain vibrant in all situations, and may offer energetic protection.


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