Quintessence Lady Portia 25ml (out of stock)

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    Quintessence Lady Portia 25ml (out of stock)
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Lady Portia

  • Keynote:  Judge not lest ye be judged.
  • Essential Oils:  Honeysuckle, Ylang Ylang, Bitter Orange, Lemon, Orange Blossom.
  • Color:  Gold.
  • Equilibrium Association:  B059 and the colors Gold and Yellow.
  • Crystal Energies:  Calcite, Zincite, Topaz.
  • Qualities:  May be of help in accessing mercy and love for ourselves and others, bringing compassion to judgement so that it may be exercised as discernment, i.e. right-seeing and ultimately acceptance. May also help us to let go and let things unfold to reveal all their aspects, which can bring clarity and soften the quick-to-judge response; whereas judgement can produce rigidity, discernment fosters fluidity and the possibility for change.
  • The Quintessences enable us to bring forth the most positive attributes of the Master energies into our personal sphere. They work within the astral and etheric bodies of the subtle energy field.


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