Quintessence Maha Chohan 25ml (out of stock)

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    Quintessence Maha Chohan 25ml (out of stock)
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Maha Chohan

  • Keynote:  Insight and creativity from the sea of pure universal.
  • Essential Oils:  Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Lavender, Rose, Iris.
  • Color:  Pale Turquoise.
  • Equilibrium Association:  B062 and the color Turquoise.
  • Crystal Energies:  Turquoise.
  • Qualities:  May help to invoke spontaneous and intuitive-feeling expression in creative and transformative arts. This quintessence relates to the teacher’s master as it is understood that Maha Chohan is the only master that has not been incarnated upon the earth, thus reflecting wisdom and inspiration from the whisperings of the inner master within the heart. May help to link to the higher vibrational Angelic realm through our feelings for personal relationship with the Angels. Relates to the Age of Aquarius new civilization of light-consciousness and right use of power that through our humanity we may focus on creativity, individuation and co-creation with existence.
  • The Quintessences enable us to bring forth the most positive attributes of the Master energies into our personal sphere. They work within the astral and etheric bodies of the subtle energy field.


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